The Breezepod™ range

starhouse scene


The Breezepod™ StarHome comes highly recommended to effectively use an existing urban site.

The deck features 1m depth but can be increased in size.

The 64m² StarHome is a round 9m x 9m home. The StarHome shown on the floor plan has two bedrooms divided by a kitchen, lounge, bathroom/laundry. It is a compact cost-effective home, perfect for modern living by a small household.

A third bedroom can be added by linking a 20m² cabin to the lounge area. It is also possible to extend the StarHome to make a 77m², 91m² or 104m² home and become a four bedroom property.

There are plenty of options for those wanting to fit the largest sized building on a tight plot of land - contact us to discuss.

This solution is ideal for those looking for a smart, cost effective housing solution. It also becomes a viable alternative for adding rental buildings.

Let us help you to design the interior to take advantage of all the space available.

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64m² indoor space
18m² outdoor deck

"Smart living"

bedicon2 Bedroom
blankicon1 Kitchen
blankicon1 Lounge
blankicon1 Bathroom/Laundry
blankicon1 Toilet
blankicon1 Shower
blankiconOutdoor living deck

starhouse view

starhouse 3d plan

starhouse 2d plan