ShelterAid packages


We seek:

1. Charities and Aid agencies

2. Government officials

3. Benefactors wanting to make a difference.

Yes we can: We created the ShelterAid package to provide 100s of homes per month to assist with any disaster (or even pre-disaster). Our low cost options are flexible for any country and climate in the world. Additional specifications such as in-built water tanks and low cost insulation can be included.

Our machines can produce up to 3,000 homes per year (depending on the house type) and with overseas licensing the sky is the limit.
We ship our plant to the country facing the disaster or housing shortage and can have our initial machinery operational within weeks (excluding shipping time). We supply all the Breezepod™ raw materials.
Alternatively we will ship our homes from existing licensees situated around the world.

Buy an agreed number of homes for a specific disaster.

We decide together the right house specifications for that country. (For example 500 homes for Haiti. These would have the suitable specification for a cyclone, earthquake prone region with a tropical climate.)

Buy a machinery and license package.

Similar to our international licensing package, we can quickly offer Breezepod™ plant machinery and training to produce as many homes as you wish. Your ongoing costs will be the cost of manufacture. We will continue to supply you with all the necessary raw materials. This allows for operations to last for longer, so not just for the immediate disaster.
Please contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements.

Examples of ShelterAid packages:

500 simple homes built on location Suitable for:

Warmer climate countries that are in cyclone/hurricane zones which also have low GDP/person. Specificiation: 20m² round home, one piece roof and walls, mosquito screen windows, water tanks as underfloor base and for safe rainwater collection.

200 homes to NZ Building and Housing Standards - to lock-up stage Suitable for:

Colder climates, earthquake and cyclone risk countries and those with higher than average living standards. Specification: 20 to 64m2 oval homes, roof and walls with full insulation, doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, water tanks and full plumbing facilities.

While our homes are designed for permanent use, they can also serve as transitional shelters immediately after a disaster. They can then be relocated to become permanent dwellings later. With Breezepod™ products able to be manufactured at 10-20 homes per day and erected with minimal labour in a day, we have a world first for the fast supply of quality homes.

ShelterAid gets results

ShelterAid funding can have a simple measureable outcome by counting the number of houses built. Note that our Breezepod™ specially formulated powder has very little retail value for any other use. It is not subject to corruption like other building materials.

In 2009, 335 reported natural disasters killed over 10,000 people and affected more than 119 million people. By the end of 2009, 43.3 million people worldwide had been forcibly displaced by conflict and persecution, the highest number since the mid-1990s. This includes an estimated 27.1 million people who had been displaced within countries, and an additional 15.2 million refugees who had been displaced into other countries.