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Product specifications

All Pods have the option to be built on relocatable wooden platforms or permanently on solid concrete bases. We can discuss these options with you.

Our core four homes have been approved by the NZ Government (Building and Housing Department) on 14 January 2011 under National Multi-Use (multi-proof) rules.

As none of the interior walls are structural (the exterior walls create the earthquake strength), you have freedom in designing your interior.

Extra decking with shade sails is a recommended option to provide additional outdoor living to the Breezepod™.

Electrical wiring conduits are placed within the Breezepod™ panel walls during their manufacture. A standard consumer unit is located discreetly inside the home and a metre box outside in accordance with your electrician's requirements. The Breezepod™ is a straight forward electrical installation

Plumbing has been designed to flow in and out through the floor and not through the walls.

This improves asthetics on the outside of the home. It prevents cuttings into the walls which can reduce the effectiveness of insulation, adding unnecessary time to the construction process. The plumbing is designed to be accessible should repairs ever be needed.

The colour on the interior is also the exterior colour of the home. Just like a typical modern, house, light neutral interior colours are recommended.

Some of our colour options:


Note: Other colours are available on request.

Polyethylene - is it one of the world's safest products?

Rest assured our Polyethylene is a food grade polymer - you could eat off it. Many items around a home are made with polyethylene including shopping bags and most food packaging in your refridgerator (although these are of a lower grade than our high grade polyethylene. It is a product we are all in contact with every day because of it's safe inert, odourless, tasteless and nontoxic properties. At a chemical level it contains only carbon and hydrogen particles in a strong double bond formation. It is a sustainable solution for this planet.

It is used in facial reconstruction surgery to make replacement cheekbones. It also is clean, does not flake or chip and has no paint that could come off - making it safer than other building products.

Being fully certified by NZ Building and Housing for use throughout New Zealand helps give piece of mind too.

Since we know there is an ozone hole somewhere up above us, we have also developed a specially formulated UV protector which we’ve added into our special polymer for lasting UV protection.

Fire Resistant - It is also highly fire resistant. It has a melting point of 130 degrees celsius when it will begin to soften and flow - it will not burn like wood (until at hot oven temperatures).

The walls are tough, durable and have no need for painting. Common household cleaning products work well inside a Breezepod™ - but may not be necessary as soapy water is sufficient for cleaning.