Next steps

Want to take it to the next level? We've provided an easy to read 6 step guide with detailed information so you know what to expect in acquiring your new home.

step 4Building consent approval

Approval great, the hard bit is now done. We now agree your Breezepod™ delivery time. A 50% deposit is needed at this stage.

step 5The build

Our main shell will be up before you know it. We’ll organise our contractors to make it as smooth as possible. We do require staged payments once we are on site.

step 6Enjoy your new home

Its time to move in and enjoy living in your new disaster proof, maintenance free home.

step one

Contact us

Call us on 09 232-6500 to discuss your particular requirements. Or email us at

step two

Outline site planning

Obtain a property report from your local council - often easily done online. We'll review this and create your site brief with Breezepod™ options. We'll talk you through your choices.

step 3Preliminary agreement

We confirm a preliminary agreement for a Breezepod™ subject to building consent. Together we apply for building consent. Our consultants (who know our homes well) will guide you through the process as smoothly as possible. You will be required to make a fair payment to cover council fees, site plans and any external consultant costs.