We will supply you with a copy of our National Multi-Use Approval Certificate issued 14 January 2011. Any council receiving your building consent application should do the following:

tickimg National Multi-Use Certification.
tickimg Confirm that the building application is within the terms of our National Multi-Use.
tickimg Assess the Building Code compliance of any building features not covered by the National Multi-Use (for example site-specific features such as drainage and foundations).
tickimg Issue the building consent within 10 working days provided that all the above conditions have been met.

National Multi-Use Certificate

We understand that using a National Multi-Use Approved home may save over 50% of typical council fees since less needs to be ticked off. If you decide to use a non-standard home (by adding extra length for example), the multi-use approval certificate still applies, with only the modifications requiring additional Building Code compliance.

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