International licensing opportunity

We have manufacturing licenses available for most parts of the world along with the manufacturing machinery which will enable the production of Breezepods™ to commence.

Licenses are issued for state areas containing populations of 5-10 million people (we do not issue licenses for entire countries). A population base of 5-10 million people is sufficient to keep a factory operating at good capacity.

It is in our interest to ensure that your business is successful.

Your contract

The licencee is free to market the Breezepod™ range in their most appropriate manner and at the exact specifications for their territory.

We require an exclusive contract for the supply of our special raw materials. This is priced very competitively even when including the license fee of 5% due to our ability to obtain bulk buy discounts. The license fee is a small portion of the material costs when compared to the retail price of an entire Breezepod™.

Breezepod™ has developed four model types to suit our end consumer's culture, climate, conditions and marketplace.

We currently have released one model onto the NZ market - which is contained within our Breezepod™ product brochure.

Contact us

Please contact us for further information. We will require a signed confidentiality agreement and an understanding of your financial position prior to entering discussions.

Our Breezepod™ plant has been designed to produce large volumes of housing modules per year. They can produce 10 to 20 buildings per day (depending on model size) and be capable of running 24 hours of production. Utilising a plant at only half its capacity still has an excellent internal rate of return. It is expected to pay for itself and also pay for the licence fee in 18 months.

We provide:

All Breezepod™ plants obtain their raw material supply exclusively from us. Although we charge a license fee on the materials of 5% with our collective global buying advantages we offer extremely competitive rates.

We monitor the raw material quality.

We will support each plant through our head office providing sales co-ordination.

Research and development. We update our products and materials.

We obtain global deals - particularly housing to replace inferior homes destroyed in disasters.

The ability to produce large volumes of housing at short notice across our network will be enormous. There is no other system other than the Breezepod™ system that could achieve this.

When you sign up with Breezepod™, you can count on us for ongoing systems and support including: