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Breezepod™ - The solution to sustainable housing

Breezepod™ is the new housing revolution from New Zealand. It is durable, cost-effective and weather proof.

NZ Building and Housing Department has approved our homes for use anywhere in New Zealand.

Our buildings have been earthquake tested to meet current NZ standards (1.2 of g-force) and will withstand
g-forces significantly stronger than this. Our designs are intended to protect the occupants from the world's worst earthquakes (9.6 on the Richter scale). At the same time our homes are cyclone and hurricane safe having been tested up to 290 km/hr winds. You can sleep easy within a Breezepod™ knowing your family and assets are safe.

Maintenance will no longer be an issue as Breezepod™ homes do not require any painting, plasterboard or roof cladding.