Frequently Asked Questions

Will using polymer materials cost more?

No. It is less expensive than timber. It is also a lot faster to erect, significantly saving on labour costs. What design can I use?

What design can I use?

Our designs are modular so you can use one of our main four designs or add to these designs to achieve exactly the size you want.

Will I have trouble with my permit?

No. Our designs are pre-approved for use anywhere in New Zealand having been tested thoroughly during the NZ Building and Housing certification process. Actually, you will save significant time and money because building consent should be issued within 10 working days.

Do we need to paint or add external cladding?

No, there is no need to paint. External cladding does not need to be added, although thatch or tiles can be added for appearance – the home is watertight.

What about internal wallpaper and linings?

Wallpaper or lining are not necessary on the inner side of external walls. Wallpaper or linings can be used on internal walls depending on your choice of wall partitions. Pictures can also be placed on these internal walls.

How is electrical and data cabling installed?

We add conduits within some wall panels allowing plenty of access points for the electrician.

Can Breezepod™ homes be built on wooden or concrete slabs?

Either. Breezepod™ homes can be fixed simply to a concrete slab or onto a wooden decking system, allowing additional outdoor living space.

Our site has difficult access, how does that affect installing a Breezepod™?

Our Breezepod™ homes come in modules, and we deliver as close as possible to the site using a 4WD ute or small truck. Each module can be simply walked to the actual house site as they are relatively light to carry.

The basic assembly is easily constructed by two people. Are Breezepod™ homes energy-efficient?

Yes. Breezepod™ homes are designed to meet or exceed governmental energy efficiency standards with a typical minimum insulation of R3.0 in the walls and ceilings. The sealed nature of the Pod’s modular frame prevents weak points and air leaks – something that a timber home cannot do.

Are they cool in summer?

Yes. The insulation prevents the sun’s heat from entering through the ceiling and walls, keeping the home cool in the summer, yet still easily heated when needed.

Can solar panels be added to the roof?

Yes. With the recent technical advances in solar heating and inverters, we suggest you contact a specialist for this. Simple water heating can be very reasonable priced. Inverter sets priced under $10,000 may be possible so the cost-benefit needs to be carefully reviewed. We will work with your specialist to find the best solution.

Does a Breezepod™ home look any different?

Yes. It is a unique design that holds many benefits for a homeowner particularly in its earthquake proof shape and wind resistant design.

Is it eco-friendly and sustainable?

Yes. We are part of the eco-solution for the world, replacing the reliance on timber for housing. No trees were hurt in making a Breezepod™ modular Panel. We like to say that our homes are made at no cost to the environment. We store polymer that can be recycled in the future. We reduce the world's deforestation by reducing the demand for timber.

Can it be made out of recycled plastic?

No. While we would like to use recycled plastic it is a lower grade with a shorter lifespan. It is already bio-degrading. We use high-grade polyethylene to ensure that our homes will not age and will protect against UV throughout its life. Breezepod™ are 100% recyclable though so are storing energy for eventual use in other products.

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Will the Breezepod™ become a world phenomenon? We think so. It blew us away from an engineering viewpoint. We think it has the power to revolutionise modern designs.quote close

Mike Williams
Chartered Professional Engineer

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My property sits on a floodplain, so a house that does not suffer water damage was a must. I was blown away by Charles and the Breezepod™ concept. It's amazing to see kiwi ingenuity in action.quote close


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I did the sums on building three new rental units on my property and found the capital cost was too much - it just did not work. Charles proposed a great Breezepod™ design. Simply put it made the difference between doing the project and not. Im looking forward to the maintenance free aspects of them too. I'm sold.quote close