The Breezepod™ Range

The Cabin

The Breezepod™ Cabin is a versatile extra room

The deck features 1m depth but can be increased in size.

Multiple Pods can be connected via the doorways. See floorplan example linking two pods together. In urban areas, linking Pods is useful as some planning rules do not allow multidwellings whereas linked Pods are considered OK. The Pod can be linked to any other design to create an extra bedroom.

There are multiple uses for these small lockable units in rural and urban areas, as holiday renters and also commercially as extra office space. It adds capital value and also extra rental income.

On a multi-dwelling property such as a holiday location, many cabins can be added to a property, each with it’s own outdoor access to a shared kitchen/living room area.

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20m² indoor space
8m² outdoor deck

"Extra Space"

blankiconBed cabin
bedicon1 Bedroom
blankiconOutdoor living deck

blankiconLiving cabin
blankicon1 Kitchen
blankicon1 Bathroom
blankicon1 Toilet
blankiconOutdoor living deck


cabin 3d plan

cabin 2d plan