The Breezepod™ Range

bungalow scene


The Breezepod™ Bungalow is a compact and cost effective home.

The deck features 1m depth but can be increased in size.

The 35m² Bungalow shown on the floor plan is fully kitted out with one bedroom, a kitchen/living room and a bathroom/laundry. It is a very compact cost-effective home, ideal for modern living for couples or individuals.

The exterior can be extended by adding in 2 straight panels to make it 1.5m longer (increasing the floor space up to 42m²).

This bungalow is a good holiday renter, bach or crib with minimal maintenance required. Extend your outdoor living area by adding generous amounts of decking.

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35m² indoor space
11m² outdoor deck

"Compact and effective"

blankiconBed cabin
bedicon1 Bedroom
blankicon1 Kitchen/Lounge
blankicon1 Shower
blankicon1 Bathroom/Laundry
blankicon1 Toilet
blankicon1 Shower
blankiconOutdoor living deck


bungalow 3d plan

cabin 2d plan